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Psychometric Assessment:

When you go for a job interview, an interview ask you questions like Are you good at sports or academics? Are you a good coder? or What was your childhood ambition and what currently is? these are a self-determined question and you could ask easily be based on personal interest. Now consider carefully the questions after this sentence. Are you a good team player? Are you good at multi-tasking? Are you good at socializing with other people? How do you handle situations in pressure? these questions are some interrogative sentences that the hiring authorities need to know about you. The recruitments include aptitude & technical tests, face to face interviews or well- a prepared combination of these. These define whether the person can do the job.

Psychometric Assessment is what is needed to identify varied characteristics that are part of a person. These tests can help assess people on a wide range of aspects such as Intelligence, Personality, Behaviours, Attitude, Social Skills, Emotions, and so on. Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style. These tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude.

Attitude defines behavior. This includes your approach, your perception your decision-making abilities and your response to any sort of emotions.

A test is categorized as a good one when the three components such as the Reliability, Validity, and Standardization are well taken into consideration during the development phase of the test. In simple terms, these tests have been developed after running adequate research and collecting normative data applicable on a wide range of the population. Psychometric Tests are largely required during job interviews as well as university/school applications

Two types of psychometric assessment available:

  1. objective: Objective tests point to individuals’ characteristics without having to worry about rather bias or prejudice and individuals own belief
  2. projective: test involves asking the client to respond to ambiguous stimuli which would aim to reveal hidden emotions and internal conflicts.

Psychology Therapies

Psychotherapy acts as a roadmap for psychologists. It guides them through the process to understand the clients, their problems and behavior. Counseling is a process by which we aim to resolve psychological disturbances caused by various factors such as environmental, biological, financial, personal, and so on. There are many different psychological therapies.

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1.-Cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, this therapy is designed to treat depression. But now used for a variety of mental roadblocks. This approach focuses on developing both normal and abnormal behaviors.

  1. Cognitive Therapy-

therapy emphasizes what people think rather than what they do. Cognitive therapists believe that dysfunction thinking that leads to dysfunction behavior. By changing their considerations, individuals can change how they feel and what they do.

  1. Behavioural Therapy

Behavioral Therapy treats mental health disorders. It works on the possibility that all practices all behaviors are learned and that unhealthy behavior can be changed.

  1. Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy experiential form of psychotherapy. This therapy focuses in the present moment and accepting responsibility for yourself.

5.Psychoanalytic Therapy

The Psychoanalytic Therapy is a set of theories related to the study of the unconscious mind. This therapy focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feelings, and thoughts by discovering their unconscious meanings and motivations.

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