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Psychometric Assessment


Psychometric Assessment is what is needed to identify varied characteristics that people are comprised of. These test can help assess people on a wide range of aspects such as Intelligence, Personality, Behaviours, Attitude, Social Skills, Emotions, and so on.

A test is categorized as a good one when the three components such as the Reliability, Validity and Standardization are well taken into consideration during the development phase of the test. In simple terms, these tests have been developed after running adequate research and collecting normative data applicable on a wide range of population.

There are basically two types of psychometric assessment available i.e. objective and projective. Objective tests point to individual’s characteristics without having to worry about rater bias or prejudice and an individual’s own belief. Whereas, on the contrary projective test involves asking the client to respond to ambiguous stimuli which would aim to reveal hidden emotions and internal conflicts.

Through this website we want to give you the convenience of doing these objective tests at the comfort of your house. Tests such as MAP, NEO-PI, 16PF, BADDS, SBAI, and so on. All you need to do is leave us your contact details with the names of the objective psychometric assessment provided to you by your psychiatrist or psychologist, a scanned copy of the prescription will be a mandate for the same. Or the other option is you leave us a query for a consultation first and if need be the required psychometric assessment will be advised to you.

This process will involve you receiving a form to fill up via mail or online drive and you will be expected to fill up the same and send it back to the earliest. The payment option for the same will be half to be cleared prior to receiving the link to the form and the remaining before attaining a copy of the reports. Since there are too many tests, the payments for the same shall be conveyed once we have clarity of what tests need to be administered.



Counselling is a process by which we aim to resolve psychological disturbances caused by various factors such as environmental, biological, financial, personal, and so on. There are various points in life when we lose hope, remain in a confused state of mind, unable to rationalize or think logically and at that time a third person’s perspective of the same situation surely helps view things differently. Most people are able to empathize with their friends, family, relatives, etc, in terms of a problem they may be going through and help them look for an ideal solution to their problem; but the question remains are they able to do the same for themselves?

Tell us help give you that third perspective to solving your problem be it small or big; as long as it’s important to you it’s important to us.

Online Psychological Services

Forensic psychology is the incorporating the knowledge of psychology into criminal and civil aspects of the legal system. The application of forensic psychology vast enough to understand that it is part of the academic, public, private, or corporate sector. To start off with we would like to offer to you a specialized service of statement / content analysis. This technique may be popular in some sectors of the working population but not to all. Let us take the privilege to introduce this technique to the mass at large, the various levels at which the technique can be applied and the find out what every single word could mean in the larger perspective.

Statement / Content Analysis


Statement / Content Analysis is a psycholinguistic technique i.e. it incorporates knowledge of both Psychology and Linguistic. Psycholinguistic runs by the facts proven which research about the intersection that takes place between thoughts and what we speak.

Statement or Content Analysis runs by the logic that people are always saying more than required but listeners are always listening with a prejudice towards what is it that they really want to listen to. So let us help you get introduced to this technique in specific that could give you the actual meaning behind what is stated by anyone.

This technique is definitely of great use in the legal set up where statements taken from criminals, victims, or witness are of grave importance. How about if an enquiry has come to a stagnation with no further possibilities to explore, this technique could surely give rise to some possibility if applied appropriately.

How about in corporate setups – White Collar Crimes? A definite yes, sadly white collar crimes have been on a rise and have been a major area of concern for many small as well as big scale organization. This technique could assist in either preventing the mishap for recovery from the same.

For sure, this technique if of grave importance to psychologist from different sub-disciplines; it may be a must requirement under certain circumstances while at other times it is just an added advantage to everything we have learnt and put to use.

If you have a statement that you would like us to analyse for you, kindly leave us a message with details of the statement; a quote for the same will be provided after we have adequate information about the project. We will surely revert back to you within 48 hours.

Online Psychological Services