Analysis of Jiah’s Suicide Note:

There was a time I saw my life with you, a future with you. But you shattered my dreams.

She is not even pertaining to the recent past but longer than that She is clarifying there is nothing she sees anymore and that pertains to conflicts present between her and ‘you’ She knew that her life with ‘you’ was always going to be filled with conflict between them She is not pertaining to the future as her future (knowledge about the future – suicide note, there is no future in reality) The dreams were not just about their future, ‘you’ as per her played a role in shattering a lot of other dreams that she held on to as well

Analysis of Devendra Sharma:

“That one day is a blur in my life. Till today, I do not know what happened. It happened in a fraction of a second and that one second has cost me 20 years.”

He does to relate to that day being a day of his life, experiences a sense of detachment He know what happened but is unable to accept and rationalize the same A lot of things have taken place after that day until today but he is unable to come to terms with them all He does not relate to the day and what happened; it was an impulsive action which was not thought about at all The only way in which he relates to the event that took place is how that one second cost him 20 years which he remembers clearly