Sign of Deception Psychology


Do you know that 60% of people can’t go 10 minutes without lying? According to website, Extroverts tell more lies than the Introverts and approx. 82% of lies go undetected. Do you know 54 percent of lies can be accurately spotted?
We offer miss nonverbal cues that someone is trying to deceive you.

Check these 6 signs of Deception

1. Spot a fake smile

According to the research the liars press their lips together, leaving their smile looking tense. But it is not about lips it’s about face mouth, eye, and expression. A truthful person smiles with the entire face. The real smile will exhibit matching lower and upper hemispheres of the human face and with a fake smile, there is a disconnect between the eyes and the mouth.


2. Study the eyes

They say eyes are the window of the soul and when it comes to spotting a liar, studying the eye may lead you to the truth. We can make out when the person is lying to us. when the person is thinking they will roll their eyes upon right side corner if they are right-handed, and if the person is left handed it will roll to left handed.

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3. Notice the person’s voice change

They may suddenly start talking faster or slower than normal. As per the real simple website persons, voice or mannerisms of speaking may change when they tell a lie. if their voice is different, they may stammer or shutter. A fake person will repeat the words or phrases again and again When a person makes up a lie, they often try to remember a certain phrase or sentence that sounds convincing as they are trying to convince you and themselves.

4. Throat Clearing

When a person lies, they will clear their throat, and constantly be trying to lubricate the throat by swallowing, gulping their throat. The moisture usually presenting the throat reroutes to the skin in the form of sweat.

5. They stand very still

It seems weird but it’s a very common thing which people do when they get nervous, they were very still. When you’re engaged in normal conversation it is natural to move your body around, relaxed, and some body parts do the unconscious moments. Sanding still while talking indicates that the person is not telling you the truth. such persons keep their moments minimized.

6. Covering the mouth

When a person is lying, they automatically put their hands on the mouth, when they do not want to deal with the issue or answer. Many people want to cover up or hide from the reaction to it. which is why maybe they may cover their mouth and eyes with a hand.


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7. Look for micro-expressions

Micro-expressions are the facial expression that flashes on the face for some fraction of seconds to reveal the person’s true emotions, underneath the lie. Typically, in a person who is lying, their micro-expression will be an emotion of distress, characterized by the eyebrows being drawn upwards towards the middle of the forehead, causing short lines to appear across the skin of the forehead.